Swamiji healed my eyes! With Swamiji’s grace and beautiful healing that he gives to people, he was able to heal my eyes. I was able to walk down the stage! I regained my vision in that very same moment – not even minutes but seconds! Now, since that Darshan, I still don’t need any glasses and live my regular lifestyle.–Mahanth Sri Nithya Amritananda
Software Consultant, Charlotte , North Carolina , USA
I was very stuck and very unhappy. Swamiji has healed my depression. I feel more interested in living my life now. I have no anxiety. My asthma is gone. And my bladder problems are gone as well. My experience is when I speak to Swamiji in Darshan and ask him if he can help me, he always says yes. And by the next day the ailment I was concerned about is gone. He’s giving me my life back!
–Sheila Biddiscombe
Intensive Case Manager at AIDS Vancouver, Vancouver , British Coumbia

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