Many desires got fulfilled by Kalpataru

Sathish Selvakumar“A number of things that I thought were impossible in my life have happened just by getting blessings from Swamiji during Kalpatharu Darshan and in Sarva Darshan. A few of them are listed below:

1) When Inner Awakening (IA) was first announced, I thought that paying the fee was beyond me and thought it was meant only for people who earn in dollars. I had asked Swamiji for blessings for my participation in IA. Then I found enough resources for me and my wife to do IA in November 2011. Our daughter did eN-Genius in the same program. The conversation about the impossibility of raising money for what is important in my life went away.

2) My parents did not completely understand Swamiji’s work and they were worried about me following His teachings and attending programs at the ashram. I thought they would benefit a lot if they attend Inner Awakening. I got this as a blessing in a Sarva Darshan and sure enough, in May 2013, both my parents attended IA and are exponentially increasing their contributions to the society.

3) When my grandmother was on her death bed, I asked for Swamiji’s blessings. He blessed and gave a turmeric stick, asking me to keep it under her pillow. He also blessed that He would release her from the cycle of birth and death. When she passed away, my grandmother had a very peaceful face and a slight smile was on her lips. That was enough indication that the Master had taken care of her as He declared.

4) When I was thinking about a change of jobs, I took His blessings. The option that He suggested has helped me to learn in multiple fronts and gain a larger societal acknowledgement for my work.

5) I have asked for being successful at work. Many times, targets that seemed impossible when we set out, happened effortlessly as things fall into place without any obstacles.”

— Sathish Selvakumar – Urban Practitioners’ Programme at Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), Bangalore.