Most impactful experience

“The most rewarding Kalpataru darshan for me was about two years back. At that time, I was obsessed with landing an internship at Google. I thought about it all the […]

I think I have already received my gift

“I attended Kalpataru at Phoenix Temple earlier this year and was rather skeptical, but I reluctantly agreed to go. It was very important to my wife and she had already […]

Many desires got fulfilled by Kalpataru

“A number of things that I thought were impossible in my life have happened just by getting blessings from Swamiji during Kalpatharu Darshan and in Sarva Darshan. A few of […]

Got healed from Acute spondylitis

“I was suffering from acute spondylitis syndrome for 8 years. Doctors from different hospitals told me that there was no cure but that the pain could be reduced a little […]

A major turning point in my life

“ My first kalpataru happened in Dec 2008, Bidadi ashram. I had flown in just for this event, to be with the Master. I clearly remember that day because it […]

Miraculously things aligned themselves

“ My name is Ma Nithya Viroopananda. I would like to share my experience of the most recent and powerful Kalpataru blessing I received. It was 24th of Feb.2014. I […]

Two Miracles in My Life

“ After Kalpataru Darshan little miracles happened. On the way back home I was with my friend, who also attended Kalpataru Darshan. We had no reservation for the bus and […]

I Got a Job Within Thirty Minutes!

“I was preparing for exams without doing any job, supported by my father who is a retired lecturer.I wanted to relieve him off from the burden of sponsoring my further […]