Two Miracles in My Life

“ After Kalpataru Darshan little miracles happened. On the way back home I was with my friend, who also attended Kalpataru Darshan. We had no reservation for the bus and the bus driver told us that all the seats are sold out. We were begging the driver to let us in even without reservation. We told him that we can stand during the entire trip but he said that it is against regulations. We did not want to wait for the later bus. It was really cold and we were very tired after the whole night of not sleeping. We had Kalpataru Darshan in the middle of the night. So decided to wait and we hoped that maybe some people will not show up. The bus was getting almost full and I decided to ask Swamiji, “ Swami help”, and to our big surprise exactly two people did not show up. And so we got into the bus. We were so happy.

Second very pleasant situation that happened to me was with the doctor appointment for lung X-rays. I came to the clinic late Friday and was hoping to get in for the X-rays. There were already many patients registered with appointments, which meant that I had to wait till the last person will come, only then will be my turn. I was waiting for a while and then I felt like to go and ask the nurse, “ Do I have to wait till the end until all the people registered before me will come” and to my surprise she said, “ No, you can go now”. And the most surprising thing happened later when the doctor who was taking my X-rays, after learning where I live, said that she can bring my result herself to my house since she was living in the building next to me, so I did not have to wait for days and then go myself and pick it up. This was too much for me. Is this coincidence, I thought? Everybody is so nice to me.

Oh, and I feel more of this power within myself, such power … energy … I noticed that I even walk differently, as if I straightened up internally. Even physically my body straightened up, I’m standing, walking, moving differently.”

–Elżbieta Betiuk , Poland , February 2014