Miraculously things aligned themselves

viroopa 3“ My name is Ma Nithya Viroopananda. I would like to share my experience of the most recent and powerful Kalpataru blessing I received. It was 24th of Feb.2014. I had been vegetating at home in Columbus, Ohio as we had one of the most severe winters this year. I knew that on the other side of the globe, the ashram was buzzing with activity with so much to accomplish and here I was sitting around and just waiting. So I made a strong sankalpa and wish for a dramatic change in my life – I wanted to be able to serve and live a more fulfilling life. So after satsang I wrote down my wish to move to India and be in the ashram and able to offer whatever I was capable of at my Guru’s feet. It was a very powerful meditation. I felt so energized after it that inspite of it being close to midnight there, I was wide awake. Within the week, miraculously things aligned themselves. My husband and both of our daughters were fine with my leaving and I was in India first week of March – just in time for IA to begin in Haridwar.

I had been wanting to be at the ashram for many years now and then everything happened so quickly – it seemed to good to be true. It is true, as I am here at the ashram and intend being here. I am eternally grateful to my ever compassionate Sadguru, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyanada, who has always showered me with His blessings.

I invite each and every one of you, who is reading this testimonial to try out the Kalpataru meditation and have your wish fructify before your eyes. We are truly blessed to share our existence with such a Divine Incarnation amongst us. Nithyanandam!”

–Ma Nithya Viroopananda , Los Angeles, USA February 2014