I think I have already received my gift

Doug Thompson - Scottsdale, AZ - USA“I attended Kalpataru at Phoenix Temple earlier this year and was rather skeptical, but I reluctantly agreed to go. It was very important to my wife and she had already had people fly into town, drive in and stay with us and her entire family planned to go as well. So what could I do? I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived having been greeted and welcomed so graciously.

When it was my turn, I asked for inner peace. After suffering a stroke a couple years ago, I had learned how precious life really is. I had been challenged in the economic times with business as well as personal family issues. I had been worrying myself sick trying to find a solution. After the stroke, I realized that life is too short and there must be a better way to live. I have watched my wife enjoying life and greeting each new day with a smile. Wanting to feel that security and confidence, I asked for “inner peace”.

About a month ago, I was out on our normal “family walk with the dogs”. I was suddenly surprised and had to admit to my wife, “I think I have already received my gift”. She was a little confused and asked, “what gift”? I smiled and said I think your guru guy has already blessed me. I now feel that inner peace, so that no matter what happens, I know I am ok and need to just relax into life. Thank you Swamiji!”

— Doug Thompson – Scottsdale, AZ – USA