I Got a Job Within Thirty Minutes!

Testimonial -     DR Ravikanth“I was preparing for exams without doing any job, supported by my father who is a retired lecturer.I wanted to relieve him off from the burden of sponsoring my further preparation process. I went to look for a job and further pursue my preparation,but the issue was, after all these years of my Post Graduate, I don’t have any experience and if I look out for a job it will be as fresher again. We all know how tough it is to get a job that fits to our needs and circumstances. And I felt like asking Swamiji in recent Jan 12th Kalpataru Darshan about the problem I am undergoing. And on Kalpataru darshan day I asked Swamiji just like this- “Swamiji I am happy with whatever you gave me in my life.Please give me whatever you think as right and good for me”. And Swamiji said,“Tathasthu! I am with you! Be Blissful.” Here the miracle happened— just 30 minutes after Swamiji’s blessings in Kalpataru darshan (I was still in Hyderabad ashram just chatting with devotees) I got a job offer which is beyond my expectation, salary was much beyond what I want. It is work from home and I can continue my preparation.There is no pressure of going to office, targets to meet & etc.Now I can happily prepare for my exam, sponsor for my preparation do various other activities—without pressure of depending on parents,money,time,studies and etc. Everything is literally taken care of by Swamiji for which I am planning and making strategies since many years.I clearly experienced the space of possibility. I am experiencing that “He is doing,I am just moving accordingly.” Really great space to experience. Kalpataru darshan is really the science of manifesting what we want.Never ever miss the opportunity.”

— B.V. Ravikanth,