A major turning point in my life

Teo Siew Yong“ My first kalpataru happened in Dec 2008, Bidadi ashram. I had flown in just for this event, to be with the Master. I clearly remember that day because it was a major turning point in my life. I came to him on the stage, he was laughing and radiating such blissful energy. He then asked, “What do you want?” First I thanked him for coming into my life and then I asked for “Fulfillment”. He said “You will have it!” and then he burst into a blissful laughter which made my heart soar! Next he gave me a motherly hug, I was in some high energy zone by the time I walked down the stage. One month later, during meditation, a little voice was saying “attend Inner Awakening”. I opened my eyes and I knew I just had to attend the program.

A little later, armed with Swamiji’s inspiration and courage, I finally decided to follow my heart. I left my corporate life to start my new life. In Aug 2009, I started a new company called “Other Ways of Learning” and started exploring my gifts to give to the world. Swamiji was guiding me constantly to discover my Swadharma. Finally, in Jan 2012, I created “Your Presence Heals”, which is about creating a nurturing and compassionate space for healing using Vedic Psychology and the healing Science of Yoga. This new mission brings so much fulfillment to me because my work involved sharing the right understanding about life and the great healing science of Vedic tradition.

When I looked back, that one session of Kalpataru in Dec 2008 had fundamentally shifted my entire reality. Fulfillment was the main driving force in a lot of the decisions I made in my life. Here’s the secret about fulfillment – when you experience fulfillment in life, the state of fulfillment leads to more and more fulfillment. My eternal gratitude to Swamiji for all the transformations he has showered and continues to shower on me.”

–Teo Siew Yong – Singapore